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About Ordaz General Marble & Granite, Inc.

Ordaz General Marble & Granite | Natural Stone | Kitchen Bathrooms Countertops Two Decades of Serving 1,000s of Clients
Ordaz General Marble & Granite, Inc. is a family-owned and operated business that has been doing amazing work for more than 22 years in the Bay Area. By leading the way in every aspect of our business, we are known for custom-made Bathrooms and Kitchens. Our standards are very high and our work is excellent as a result.

Ordaz General Marble & Granite, Inc. manufactures and installs all of its high-quality and custom-made materials for bathrooms in Martex, Topaz, Cultured Marble, Culture Onyx, Cultured Granite and Recycled Product. Our typical cultured products for bathrooms include vanity tops, sinks, standard and custom shower pans, standard and custom wall panels, benches, bathtubs (with and without a whirlpool system) and numerous other cultured product accessories.

For kitchens, Ordaz General Marble & Granite, Inc. is a certified fabricator in the Bay Area. For Quartz all the way to Natural Granite, we’re known and respected for our custom work and highly-skilled staff. We’re not just salespeople or installers—we’re craftspeople and artists and that’s why we use a value-added approach to everything we do.

These following Quartz products are available for any of your upcoming projects for your kitchen countertop:

The process at Ordaz General Marble & Granite, Inc. starts with the initial customer consultation, followed by project planning and templating, fabrication and then finally the installation. The best part is when the job is complete and the customer can’t believe how beautiful their bathroom or kitchen looks.

During the entire sales, consultation, selection and installation process, we listen to the needs of our clients and then act accordingly. A satisfied, happy customer is our #1 goal, so we always present you with a wide range of options and then the ultimate decision is yours.

Don’t forget to visit our showrooms in Concord and discuss your upcoming project with our staff. This business is our life and not just a 9-to-5 job and you’ll realize that quickly when working with Ordaz General Marble & Granite, Inc.

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