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Bathroom With Cultured Onyx

Cultured Onyx is a cultured or “man-made” stone. This solid product is different from cultured marble because of the aesthetically pleasing translucent finish which adds depth to the surface. This product, just like cultured Marble, can be made into standard or custom size walls, shower pans, vanity tops with molded sinks, etc. 

Cultured Onyx, starts with a blend of crushed limestone and is combined with high-strength polyester resins, simulating a natural Onyx finish. Because of the depth you can appreciate the pattern and colors in the material. The color patterns of our products are applied by hand and are always random. These patterns are individual, unique, and never duplicated. This random patterning is what gives our product character. All of our cultured stones have a gel coat protectant top coat which makes the products scratch, heat, and stain resistant. The gel coat also makes our products really easy to clean. All you need is mild soap and a soft sponge.

When selecting colors from samples, take into consideration that the actual product color may vary. Come in to our showroom to see these unique colors on various sinks, tubs, showers and more. Our specialized staff can assist you and discuss your project.